Episode 004

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We tried to keep this episode short because we both were so tired and we still couldn’t make it happen!  We love podcasting!

Kevin shared another original song.  This week’s selection comes from 1 Peter 2.

Here is a picture from the 1 Peter Bible Study.


Sarah updated everyone on her progress through The Hobbit.  It’s not going well.  She also shared how great Kevin is at taking care of her car and how she got hit by a car in the parking lot of a grocery store.

We discussed Drop Dead Gorgeous in The Rec Room.

In Family Matters we talked about Kevin’s experience with serving at Winter Camp this weekend.  Here are some pictures of the lighting Kevin talked about.



Here are other links discussed:

Timber Wolf Lake

Evangel Ministries

Dave Matthews Band

Bela Fleck and the Flecktones


Episode 003

Episode Logo 003

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This week Kevin shared a song inspired by 1 Peter 4.

Sarah shared that she had no idea that Making a Murderer was such a big deal when we recorded last week’s episode.  She also talked about a reading challenge that she is participating in with her friend Carrie.  Their first selection is from the category of books they should have read in school.  They both chose The Hobbit.  Sarah also gave Kevin a pop quiz on the Golden Globes.

The Rec Room led to a discussion of the show 24 and all the good memories and great people we watched the show with over the years.

In Family Matters we continued the story of Matthew’s adoption.

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Links for this episode:

1 Peter 4

Making a Murderer

Dean Strang

2016 Reading Challenge

Animated Hobbit Movie

Golden Globes


Mad Max:  Fury Road

The Revenant


The Escape Game App


Mark Ruffalo

Just Like Heaven


30 Rock


Episode 002

Episode 2 Logo

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We are so happy that you have joined us for another edition of the We Are Harpo Podcast!  This week Kevin played another original song from Psalm 91.  He also talked about the influence of Shane & Shane in his songwriting process.  We also discussed other scripture based songs Kevin has written.  Many are based on 1 Peter and 2 Peter.  Maybe those songs will be shared in later episodes!

Sarah talked about the Netflix series Making a Murderer.  There may be a few spoilers in this discussion for this show and also for the first season of the Serial Podcast.  Sorry.

The Rec Room brought a discussion about a newer game brought into our house called Forbidden Island.  It is a 2-4 player cooperative game that is fun and incredibly challenging.  There is also an app for this game that we have really enjoyed.  Kevin mentioned it was $8.99.  It is currently $4.99.  I’m hoping we only paid $4.99 . . . for our budgets sake.  Here is a picture of our Rec Room Jar that contains all of the possible picks in the weeks to come!


Finally, in Family Matters we began discussing our son’s adoption story and quickly decided we needed to break it into two parts.  So we will continue the journey next week!

As always, please feel free to email us at weareharpo@gmail.com if you have any comments or questions.  We would also love to hear if you are listening to the show but do not know either of us personally.  We just think it would be fun to know that!

Have a great week!  We will see you next time.