Episode 035


This week Kevin plays the winning song from the Guilty Pleasures Cover Contest.  Sarah talks about her continuing battle with the toad in the garage and getting to play Mario.  They both discuss the game Wits and Wagers and reflecting on their wedding day.

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Stiches – Shawn Mendes

New Super Mario Bros. Wii


Ben & Jerry’s Making Whoopie Pie Ice Cream


Episode 013

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This week Kevin plays the first song he ever wrote, Sarah talks about March Madness, we discuss the movie Little Rascals and family vacations.

Here is a picture of our son watching the Little Rascals for the first time in a “go cart” he found in our living room (he also made a mess of all of his toys):


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March Madness

Little Rascals

Higgins Lake

Disney World

Universal Studios

Columbus Airport


Episode 010

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This week Kevin performs an original song he wrote for his friends in college, Byron and Laura.  Sarah talks about a conference she got to attend with the youth team from church.  Center Stage is the movie that is drawn out of the Rec Room jar and they discuss apps they use with their toddler.

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Show Links:

Q Commons

Garden Theater

Center Stage

Kate & Leopold

Pretty in Pink

Center Stage Turn it Up


Cuckoo Clock App

RightNow Media

Kids Academy

PBS Parents Learning App

YouTube Kids App

Veggie Tales

60 Second Bible Stories

Psalty the Singing Songbook