Episode 012

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This week Kevin returns to playing orginal music, Sarah talks about her tile, they discuss the movie Steel Magnolias and memories from the last year.

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Colossians 3:1-8

Colossians 3:9-17


Steel Magnolias

In Her Shoes

Episode 011

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This week Kevin shares a playlist of his favorite folk artists, Sarah deep dives into questions she has about Curious George, together they discuss Whoonu? and some of the uncertainties they have have going on in Family Matters.

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Spotify playlist

Harrod & Funck

Ric Hordinski/Monk Music

Womb of God

Trinity House Theatre

Curious George



Apples to Apples


Episode 010

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This week Kevin performs an original song he wrote for his friends in college, Byron and Laura.  Sarah talks about a conference she got to attend with the youth team from church.  Center Stage is the movie that is drawn out of the Rec Room jar and they discuss apps they use with their toddler.

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Q Commons

Garden Theater

Center Stage

Kate & Leopold

Pretty in Pink

Center Stage Turn it Up


Cuckoo Clock App

RightNow Media

Kids Academy

PBS Parents Learning App

YouTube Kids App

Veggie Tales

60 Second Bible Stories

Psalty the Singing Songbook